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Pugsley’s debut in Greenbriar.

Well, here she is in her current, yet rideable state. I only had the rear brake on, but should have the front later this week when I get the correct mounting bracket. It truly stunk at first, but as disc brakes wear in, they get better. And it did.

Sorry about the blurry photos. My camera sight fogged over due to the humidity, so I couldn’t see very well to focus. Yeah, that’s my excuse!

The ride started out with Barrett, Scott and myself. Dave showed up a little late and caught up to us. This was not too hard as I was sucking wind big time. It’s really my longest ride in over a month since hurting myself. I’m amazed at how I lost what little bike fitness I had!

Then Erik and Vesna met up with us at the picnic area. Sadly, this is where I stopped to rest and where my turnaround would be. Erik took Pugs out for a spin.

Meanwhile, Scott had ridden to the end of the road while the rest of us chilled out. He just got a new LeMond Poprad. Very cool bike!

And here he is staring us down( I believe he used his massive brain to make just himself look blurry in this picture). I think he was amazed at just how laid back (or lazy) we were. And he kept saying ” I can’t hear what you’re saying. Your huge tires make too much noise!”

After we chatted and rested, it was time to head back. It was also getting dark. And as luck would have it we had one not very bright light between all of us. It was fun and mostly downhill. We finished the ride off with Vesna and myself almost running over a copperhead. Sorry, no photo of it. And nor will you see me stop to try and take one! Ick!!!

Antoine, you’re right. You do bounce around a lot with too much air in the Endomorphs.

Doug, thanks for the idea on the crankset. It’s working perfectly.


9 Responses

  1. If I didn’t already have one, I think I’d be wanting one!! What were your first impressions of the H-bar?

    BTW…all the really cool snowbikers only run one brake!

  2. I think I’m really going to like the h-bar. I have ergon grips on the end and I find that holding on just behind the weld is also very comfortable. I do need to wrap the bar with tape to even out around the shifter and brake lever brackets.

    I also hauled butt down the hills without getting into a big gear.

  3. Looks great, even through the fog.

    The small frame size looks much better than my 22″. Wish I was 5’6″ not 6’5″.

  4. Well, yours looks more balanced with the big wheels and larger frame.

  5. Lovely Just lovely. It’s the sort of bike that screams at you to go faster through the trails, trees, walls!!

  6. I will let you know if and when I go through the walls ;^)

  7. Congrats! Sounds like your enjoying the benefits of some dreaming and some sweat.

  8. I am! It’s a joy to ride and everyone looks twice at the big wheels!

  9. You will get lots of “look how huge those tyres are” and all kids, absolutely, without exception, love Pugsleys.

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