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Pugsley at the lake

The video is a bit over 2 minutes. And, I had to mount it on my helmet (left the handlebar mount at work). I didn’t get it pointed up high enough. Live and learn!!

I went to my LBS and picked up some handlebar tape and another chain. Thanks Meg and Barrett for the gift certificate! I also remounted the shifters correctly (thanks Scott) and finally have all my gears working. Now, all I have to do is mount the front brake when the bracket comes in.


2 Responses

  1. I love the Pugsley!!! I want one. Thanks for the video of Pugsley at the lake — especially funny, the part at the end of the video where you’re peeing on the tires to clean them off 🙂

    Greenlife in Chattanooga has one of New Belgium Breweries custom bikes (the ones they give New Belgium Brewery employees on their first year anniv) — it’s so cool — they of course have it on display with a huge stack of cases of Fat Tire beer.

  2. Next time you’re there, take a pic. Id like to see it.

    Yeah Pugs is so much fun. And a bunch if people are curious. I’d have to say it’s the first bike others ask to take a spin on!

    If I could pee that well on something…oh never mind!!

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