Pugsley in Gatlinburg

I rode the Gatlinburg Trail tonight after work on Pugsley. Can’t complain. The super fun part was the road back to town. I hauled butt on it. WHEEEE!!!


3 Responses

  1. Awesome that you’re bike is done! I’m always so happy to see new Pugsleys brought into the world.

  2. How does it “feel” compared to your Karate-Monkey?

    Hey, doesn’t Jill have a Monkey too?

  3. Jill-
    Thanks:) Maybe we’ll get some snow on top of the mountain so I can really call it a snow bike!

    Yes, she does.

    It feels very similar in the geometry. I made sure the top tube length was fairly similar and put the same length parts on it as the KM , since I love the feel of the KM. It just makes more noise. And the handling is way weird when you drop the tire pressure below 10 psi!

    Hey, what time is it there? It says you posted here at 7:58AM, but that’s my time.

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