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I’m on Vacation!

(USS Yorktown Panorama)

Day 1

Well, we left Tennessee Saturday and made our way to Charleston. We’ll be staying until Monday morning. Saturday involved getting into town. We’re staying at the Double Tree in the historic district.

Once here, we rested up a little, and then the fun began. I will preface this with I did not get to bring a bicycle. But, I got a little fix already. That’s later. Our hotel is right next door to Market Street, which is like a long (several blocks) flea market. They were just closing up shop, so we didn’t see much. We did, however, head over to Bocci’s Italian restaurant. I must say, my Chicken Parmesan was fantastic! Afterwards, we walked up and down Market Street to see what was there. And I found the candy/ice cream store. I sure hope we find a pool at the next stop so I can swim off this extra food!

Then, we ended up going on one of the local carriage rides of some of the historical area. I like it much better than the bus tours. Too bad they’re not quite as long. Though I really don’t know if the bus tours here are. I am comparing it to the ones in Savannah. On this tour, the driver told us about a restaurant on the water that was good. Tomorrow.

So, later in the evening, my dad’s arm was itching like crazy. And didn’t look very good. He had gotten a bit of the poison oak at home. The doctor gave him medication for it, but it looked like it was getting worse again. So, he found where a pharmacy was and decided to walk to it. He called us a bit later and told us it was too far down and was getting tired, which worried mom and me. We started to head his way and found a pedicab. Here’s my slight biking fix. Yes, I waved the pedicab down to go find my dad and pick him up while mom went back inside. What a blast! I highly recommend trying one if you’re in a town without simple transportation. We weren’t able to get anything for dad’s itching this night.

Day 2

So, this morning (Sunday) I had planned to go to the front desk, find out exactly where this pharmacy was and get a pedicab down to it to get stuff for my dad. They weren’t running quite yet, so I had to walk. Guess what? It wasn’t open! On my walk back, I noticed a Starbuck’s sign. I’m not a big fan, but I was thinking maybe I’ll pick up an iced chai. When I went in, it turned out to be a grocery store! I picked up what dad needed and a couple other items and off I went. No chai!

We had breakfast and then got our car to go to Patriots Park to catch a boat out to Fort Sumpter. We also got the info to a doctor over in Mount Pleasant for dad to see. He woke up with it spreading.

(Fort Sumpter)

Fort Sumpter is REALLY small! I can’t even imagine what those guys had to experience with all those cannons going off trying to defend it. Wow! I also thought it would be interesting to stay there for the night. So, the Fort was the site of the first shots fired starting the Civil War. Or, down here it’s called the War of Northern Aggression. I tell you, I’ve learned a lot about the South in the Civil War. Around the Smokies, there were both Union and Confederate forces. And down here, Fort Sumter was originally a Union post.

My first fascination with the harbor (Charleston) was after seeing the movie about the Hunley. This would be the South’s lost submarine. We had been down here and took a tour of the area before they found it and just after I had seen this movie. I didn’t get to see the actual ship this round, but next time.

(USS Yorktown)

(Flight Deck)

So, while we’re at the Fort, we looked at my dad’s arm and noticed it had gotten worse. Once we got back to the Point, they went to the doctor and I stayed behind and ran all over the USS Yorktown. I spent a lot of time on the flight deck, as they had a few older airplanes up there. If you ever make it to Patriots Point, you really need a complete day to get through all the ships. Along with the aircraft carrier Yorktown, there is a submarine, a Coast Guard Cutter and a Destroyer( I think). I had a blast. And dad got a shot to start him up on recovery. Basically, his doctor didn’t realize that he had the poison oak so bad and didn’t have him on the meds long enough. Now he does. He’s feeling better and the arm swelling is going down already. YAY!

(Radar Room)

They picked me up and we went back over the bridge to Charleston and the restaurant on the water to have some lunch. Good seafood. Did I mention this is the bridge Dave talked about that has a separated bike/walk lane? It’s beautiful! Sorry, I can’t remember the name right now. Saw a bunch of dolphins playing around the docks.

What are the plans for tonight? Go eat dinner and then maybe walk down to the pier and sit on the swings for awhile.

All for now.

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  1. hope your trip is a blast. There is so much history in Charleston….and food…. and beaches. Enjoy!

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