Vacation Continued-Days 3-4

(Fort Pulaski View from the Top)

Day 3

Today, Monday, was basically a transit day. Well, before leaving Charleston, we stopped at Margaritaville. Yes, there is one there regardless if what hotel desk clerks say! Our next destination was to be Tybee Island in Georgia.

Day 4

(Drawbridge to the Fort)

It’s Tuesday. Today was our history day. We started out at Fort Pulaski and ended up staying at it for almost two hours. I have to say, this was probably the most interesting fort I’ve been to. It has been restored and is in very good condition. For those that don’t know, Fort Pulaski was the site during the Civil War that changed how a fort would be built. This was a brick and mortar fort. Due to the invention of the rifled cannon, no more cannon ball, in 30 hours the Union from Tybee Batteries pummeled the Confederates in Pulaski with these new cannons. That was it. The Fort fell and the Union took control. This new cannon rendered brick and mortar Forts useless.

(Top Batteries)

(Outside Batteries with Tunnels)
(Cannon on Top)

(Ranger in Union Uniform Firing Blank Musket)

We then spent the rest of the day sitting on the beach with an occasional dip in the ocean.


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