Vacation Days 5-7

Day 5

Wednesday, also known as Savannah Day for us. Once we finally wrestled our butts out of bed, we made our way into Savannah. First, we made a stop to get dinner reservations at Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons. Then, it was off to River Street Market. A little shopping, okay, I bought chocolates! Next, we spent a bunch of time sitting along the river watching the giant shipping boats go in and out of the docks. Ended the day stuffing our guts with way too much good food at The Lady!

Day 6

(Tybee Island Lighthouse)

Thursday made for a trip out to the Tybee Island lighthouse and Fort Screven. Dad and I climbed up to the top of the lighthouse and outside it. I didn’t stay out long, as I have gotten vertigo in the past on these things. Not too fond of heights. Funny for a former pilot! This lighthouse had been rebuilt in one way or another four times, I believe. I also picked up a Lighthouse Passport book. You go around to lighthouses throughout the country and collect stamps from each one. I also do this for the National Park System. It’s fun.

(View from Tybee Lighthouse)

Along with the lighthouse was a series of batteries called Fort Screven. Only one battery was open for viewing. This was where the Union defeated the Confederates at Fort Pulaski.

(In Front of Fort Screven Battery)

The day was ended with a nap and then out to the Crab Shack for dinner. I had my first Margarita. Umm…

EDIT: I was just watching a program on the Science Channel and guess what? There’s a 7600 pound (3500 kg) Mark 15 H-Bomb that had accidentally dropped off of a B-47 after a collision from way back (60 years or so) that landed at the mouth of the Savannah River. Why is this interesting? Because Tybee Island is the mouth of the river! And no, they had not found it as of the show, 2007! What is it called? The Tybee Bomb!

Day 7

Today, Friday, was another transit day. We drove to Charlotte to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Our waitress Butterfly, was super and so was the food!

Then on to Ashville. We’re recouperating from the drive right now. Tomorrow it’s on to the Biltmore.


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