SE Racing

(From SE Racing 2008 Catalog)

Does anyone feel a bit nostalgic here? After going to the SE site from How to Avoid the Bummer Life’s blog, I had to post a pic. It’s VERY blurry, so don’t enlarge. Just go to the site. Anyway, brings back some memories. I was never fortunate to have one of these, but I sure wanted one. Between the Quadrangle and the Auburn CR 20 Racing BMX bikes, well, wow!

And here was my first and only freestyle bike. It was a 1987 Haro Sport. I sucked at freestyle. More of a racing type as far as BMX was concerned. This was my Ron Wilkerson era. And yes, I also was into WAL bikes. Another one I had never had.

I rode this Haro all the time. Tried flatland while I was at Purdue. I rode with Mike, owner of a Haro Master, and Doug. I think he had some sort of GT. They were good, not me. I had forgotten this bike until I popped onto BMX Museum and saw one!


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