Lake Bikin’ and Crashin’

Decided on my last day off before heading back to the rat race that I’d go check out another lake ramp entrance to see if any riding was to be had.

This (above) was a view looking back at the ramp. It’s somewhere up in that grassy section on the left. I only had my camera phone, as my other camera/video ran out of juice.

And this was looking across the water.

If you look really closely, there’s a fence in the distance and cows in the lake. My initial response was “What the hell are cows doing in the lake?”. I guess they were as hot as I was today.

So, due to the fence, cows and private property (I see it as farmers with guns may not take kindly to bicycle scaring cows in lake) I decided to turn around at this point. But, the water is getting lower, so I can try my other entrance and search out more.

Now, the part where I wish my video camera hadn’t been dead for. I was about to ride up the ramp to get out of the lake and realized I wasn’t going to make it up. So, I tried to get my right foot out of the pedal and managed to pull it out of my shoe. But, only halfway. So, you know. I fell over! Dug my handlebar and knee into the soft ground. And mostly was embarrassed. If anyone saw me, they didn’t laugh too loud. I’m sure no one was expecting to see a bike down in the lake.

I walked to the top of the ramp and sat in the shade for a bit. I was hot and out of shape. Oh, and my sinuses are plugging up again. Thanks Tennessee!

I’ve lost all fitness from before vacation and gained a few or ten pounds! Hey Scott, guess I won’t be making it to the end of Greenbriar so soon!



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