Bicycle Camper.

(Photo courtesy Midget Campers website)

I was surfing this morning and found an interesting pic on Chicago Bike Blog. Here’s the actual company for the midget camper trailer.

Hey Antoine, have you ever seen one of these? The website showed New Zealand as the only other country that has a dealer.


4 Responses

  1. Wow! but how heavy is that?

  2. I’d like to know. I saw Antoine (I Bike NZ) is from New Zealand and they have a dealer there. Maybe he has seen it?

  3. No, and I think I would have remembered that thing!

    Trailers of any kind are rare down here. I have only seen a handful of kiddie-trailers like mine and one person pulling a BOB.

  4. The Bushtrekka Midget bike trailer/camper was on display at InterBike 2008 in Las Vegas. Kamp-Rite is the company that will be distributing the trailer in the USA.

    Kamp-Rite has expressed interest in having me do a review of the Midget. When last I spoke with them (about 2 weeks ago), they were expecting a container load of the bike trailers to arrive any day.

    The Midget offers great opportunities to explore North America’s growing network of long distance bike trails, many of which have only limited lodging possibilities. If I do the review, I’m looking at transporting the trailer to either Atlanta (to bike the Silver Comet/Chief Ladiga trails)or Orlando (to bike the Gen’l Van Fleet and Wilachoochee State Trail).

    By the way, the trailer weighs @ 49 lbs and the bed weighs @ 20 lbs.


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