The Road Bike

So, I’m toying with the idea of completely changing the handlebars on my road bike. I have it set up to match the reach and all of that of my MTB’s, but I hate the bars. Not comfortable. I’ve been thinking about putting MTB bars on it and some Ergon grips for awhile. I don’t use this bike for much, other than sitting on my trainer here. But, after hanging out on Jeff Jones’ website for awhile (I REALLY am intrigued by the Spaceframe), I’m thinking of putting on an H-bar. Probably the Titec version, as I’m not quite in the league of the Jones Ti version right now.

Right at the moment, Jeff Jones’ ideas make a lot of sense.

I will ponder this, and save up some cash.


2 Responses

  1. Hello, I have a question about biking in Gatlinburg. Do you know if the Roaring Fork Motor Trail is any good for a bike ride? Are bikes allowed?

    Thanks a ton!

  2. Yes, you can ride the Motor Trail. If you get a chance to look at a map, it would be mostly okay on a wider tired road bike up to Rainbow Falls, but I would use a mountain bike past there. It gets pretty bumpy and it’s an unimproved road, so gravel, potholes, the like. Right now there are also cars on the Motor Trail, so watch out. If you look on the NPS website for the Great Smoky Mountains, it will tell you when the road closes for winter to motor traffic. Hope that helps.

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