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Bonus Day

So, today an old coworker from the bike shop I used to work at up north was in the area and stopped by. And she brought me these socks from the shop. It’s funny, I had heard they had them made and was hoping to pick up a set. My lucky day, eh? It was really nice to see Kathy and catch up a bit. And it sounds like the shop is doing well.

And then I got home and found a package on my chair. It was the wool jersey from Portland Cyclewear I have been waiting for for some time. It’s perfect! Sorry the picture isn’t so great.

Can’t wait to use this stuff on the Sunday Night Greenbriar Ride:)


2 Responses

  1. Awesome kit. I went and took a look at the site. Might be sending a early Christmas present to myself

  2. I wore it tonight in the cooler temps and it was fantastic. Warm, yet didn’t overheat on some of the climbs. And most importantly, no stink like the synthetics!

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