Xtracycle is done and other things.

It’s a little dark out. I worked a good portion of the day on this, tuning up Barrett’s bike and the Monkey.

I recycled some old Icon bars and stem off my road bike. I got the idea from bikecommuters.com. Note the platform pedals. I think it’s best until I’m completely comfortable riding passengers on the back. Don’t want to dump them!

I also recycled some bars ends. I jammed them into the hole where you would put the footsies. Then I covered them with an old set of grips. We’ll see if they stay on.

The last thing I did was to put my road bike up in the attic. I can’t decide how I want to change the bars, which is dangerous for me. I usually just do something stupid. So, now it’s out of sight, out of mind. Therefore, I put road tires on the Karate Monkey. It’s now my road bike!

And I learned a good lesson on over tightening a quick release. On the left, we see an intact piece. On the right, the threads of the sister piece that I pulled right out! Bad Marla! No more aluminum for you.

Now I must go eat my dinner.


7 Responses

  1. Most excellent Xtracycle!! Welcome to the club Marla!

  2. Sweet ride, Marla! I like the black and red color scheme, too — an Xtracycle after my own heart!

    What kind of platform pedals are those? I’m gonna have to look up a snazzy red pair for myself.

  3. Thanks guys.

    The pedals are some old Primos that I had laying around.They’re big, but light since they’re made out of aluminum. Well, relatively light!

  4. I thought those might be Primos…I’ve got a silver and a blue pair on a couple of my bikes, but I’ve got to say that the red ones would look super on my Xtra!

  5. Very cool. The Monkey looks good too.

  6. Wow … a Pugsley and a fender-adorned, husker blue Karate Monkey as a road bike? It seems yours and my bike families were seperated at birth.

  7. Jack-
    I had this thing for red pedals for years. What can I say!

    Yeah, I noticed that. I seem to be in a steel bike mode right now. Haven’t even touched the Trek full suspension for months.

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