Ouch, my head!

Well, hopefully I’m on the downside of another episode of my head almost exploding. I had to give in and pound down some Zyrtec D to relieve it. My head still feels a bit like someone just got done playing racketball inside, but the pressure is mostly gone:) As Scott says, welcome to East Tennessee. You’ll never breath through your nose again!

I’m finally off for a day tomorrow. So, what’s the plan? Of course, a trip to the LBS to see what, if anything, has come in for me to tinker with. I plan to get outside some to say I’m still a bit of a cyclist. Yeah, I’ve been a wienie as of late. Phhpt!

And the colors of fall are about at peak down low. It’s very beautiful. Maybe I’ll actually get out and take a picture.


4 Responses

  1. Hayfever of some sort? In Fall?

    Do they pay you to wrench at the shop or are you one of those groupies who just hangs around, buys stuff at a discount and helps out occasionally?

    Do take a picture or two, the leaves don’t fall off the trees in Auckland. I enjoy Doug’s autumn photos for that very reason.

  2. Allergies and sinus pressure are the words. Our weather changes rapidly and at any one time dozens of things can be blooming in the Smokies.

    Yes, I get paid to wrench at the shop. And get a bit of a discount on goodies:)

    Will try to capture a good fall foliage pic!

  3. Common theme with many these days. Snot onslaught.

  4. You know it. Everyone around here tells me to just get used to it.

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