The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Well, it was the best I could come up with today.

We’ll start with my dad.

He went over to Johnson City to the VA medical center. It is a regularly scheduled appointment. One today and one tomorrow, so he’s staying overnight. His recovery from Legionaires has been a long one. As one thing gets better, the next thing needs to be worked on. It’s seemingly never ending. But, hey, he’s still with us. He started by going into the ER. He’s had this rash for several weeks, since before vacation. It started with getting into some poison oak, we think. Anyway, it’ll go away and then a week later come back with a vengence. So, more antibiotics and steroids. Yes, he’s eating like a horse. It now turns out that somehow this has become a bad case of psoriasis. And everything he’s been doing to control the itch and redness has been the wrong thing. No fault of his. The rash has covered most of his body now. So, maybe that’s one stress that will go away. Tonight I’ll find out what all he has to do and how his regualr appointment went.

So, since I was finally off today, I ran some errands this morning. Had to take trash to the dump, no we don’t have service here. Then off to Lowe’s for some PVC pipe. Bookstore for a gift certificate ,dads birthday next week. And the bikeshop. A couple things were in, but not enough to do anything with. Almost done with a stop at the cellular store for another birthday gift. And finally the grocery.

I got home and cooked my soy cheese pizza and had a glass of lactose free milk. I know, those two things don’t really go together. But, it’s the first real milk I’ve had in a long time. I’ve had to drink soy or rice milk. And it was good! Not quite full on cow’s milk, but close enough. Milk is my favorite drink and to not be able to drink it without consequences has royally stunk! And there is a point where I can’t stand water. I’m on my second glass now:)

A for the ugly? Probably how I looked when I woke up today. I haven’t have any sinus medication today and so far so good. We’ll see.

And now, take a look at what a piece of 1/2″ PVC pipe can do for an Xtracycle.

I took out the barends, put the PVC in and cut to size. Then, I drilled a pilot hole and inserted a screw to keep the pipe in place. Last was putting the grips over the pipe. Homemade footsies. I believe that I saw something like this on bikecommuters a bit ago.

And, since I had plenty pipe left over, I cut some for the back, too! Why? Why not!


3 Responses

  1. You could hang flags on ’em too!

  2. I actually thought about leaving the left side about 3 feet long, since we have the 3 foot law here in Tennessee! I stopped myself, though.

  3. Marla,

    here’s another great PVC/Xtracycle project for you:

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