What a day!

(From Bicycles and Icicles)

So, I woke up this morning and found out how it went. I always love to watch the election results. However, I was out of it last night.

You see, all my sinus troubles of the past month or so were not due to allergies after all. I have sinitus and tonsilitus. I went to the doctor yesterday morning, which meant that I didn’t sleep the night before. I have anxiety when the subject of doctor comes up. In fact, I have been diagnosed with White Coat Hypertension. It’s real. Some of you already know this about me. Anyway, I now have the proper drugs in me and my sinuses are clearing up. But I was incredibly tired and loopy last night.

Today was much better. Still have a little bit of the headache going on. One of the drugs I’m taking causes that. I’m on steroids, antibiotics and a cough syrup with codine in it. Whee!!

At least I’ll be all better soon and can really try to ride the old bike and enjoy it:)


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