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What’s that?

I actually climbed on the now 9 speed Monkey on the trainer tonight. Wow, I stink! I ended up spinning and added, very little mind you, one legged pedaling. If TI V5 is in the cards, well, I don’t want to ride too bad. In fact, finishing is the main thing!

I did some reading tonight on a coach’s blog and basically realized I need to build up base miles/time on the bike. I know many of you know this. And get my butt used to the saddle for longer times. Intensity training will come closer to the event. Hey, if I don’t get in this year, maybe I’ll try my own extended ride here. Anyway, I’ll have a good leg up for next year.

And months ago I was reading an old interview with John Stamsted about riding the trainer. He used to go for a super long time without any entertainment, just staring at the wall. I wonder what he thought about. Or, was he able to tune out and be somewhere else?

I have an idea. I could bolt my video camera on and show you the view I have of staring at something for a long time! What do you think about that? Nah, just kidding.


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