I’m a member of Team Fatcyclist!

So, if you feel like helping, look over to the right and click below the big yellow thermometer!

If you don’t know who the Fat Cyclist is, click on the link.


9 Responses

  1. So now you’re a Fatcyclist with a wide butt?Congratulations – A good cause.

    – Antoine
    (Skinnycyclist with narrow butt)

  2. Hey, and my wide butt seat just arrived from the big brown truck!

  3. Hey, I live in Asheville, and get to spend the weekend in G-burg with the inlaws, are there any group rides? or any long rides you can recommend, prefer mtn bike but road is fine, as long as I can get away!!!

  4. The only real mountain biking is over in Tsali (Bryson City side). So, bring the road bike.

    Well, you could head into the National Park and out to Cades Cove. From Gatlinburg, it’ll be a round trip of about 59 miles. 24 to the Cove, 11 around it and 24 back. Beware of the tourists in their cars!!

    If you’d like some routes around the county, I’d really suggest getting ahold of the bike shop. Shifting Gears. Rick and Scott know the county roads like the back of their hands and could give you a much better idea of where to ride, what’s safe. 865-908-1999.

    I believe the group rides are few and far between now. Though you might check out the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen.

    Where I’m at right now, I find some gravel and ride it over and over. Which would be quite boring for you!

    Hope that helps a bit!

  5. Here’s what my friend Scott, another one, said:

    A great ride that is 40 miles is from Sugarland Visitors Center to
    Clingmans Dome. Obviously this is a climbing ride. Another great ride
    would be from Sugarland visitor center to Cades Cove and back, but
    cannot remember mileage on that ride (this is the one I wrote about above-Marla). Or even from Gatlinburg to
    Townsend (through the Park on Little River Road, then turn right on 73)is mostly flat except for the mountain in the middle.

    I’d look it up on a map online of the Smokies.

  6. And now a loop idea:

    Another great loop ride is from Gatlinburg(out 321) to Glades Rd / Byrds Creek / Pittman Center Rd (416) back to 321 to Gatlinburg.


    I’ll try to get you some mileage on this one soon.

  7. Stephen-

    That last loop is 25-30 miles total.

  8. Nice, thanks, I’m never opposed to climbing!!

  9. Your welcome.

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