A raffle? Here? What’s brewing?

As most of my regulars, apparently all 6 of you, know, I joined the LIVESTRONG Challenge this week. If you don’t know about it, well, it’s a way of raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You know, that guy who races bicycles over in France and survived cancer?!

Well, Jill gave me an idea, so I’ll see if anything happens.

For the next 2 weeks, if you donate $5 to my Livestrong Challenge site it will get you a “raffle” ticket. EVERY $5 is a raffle ticket! The prize? 3 pounds of Blue Smoke Coffee delivered to your door. That’s right! It’s a roughly $40 value. And if you aren’t a coffee drinker, why not give it to a friend? You can let me know when the winner is emailed where and who to send it to.

I will pick the winner out of a hat on Friday night, that would be December 19, and send the order in to Blue Smoke then and there. Get your donation in by 5pm (EST) that evening. So, if you’re game, check here for the announcement of the winner. The winner can send me the shipping details when I make my email available then.

It’s only $5, tax deductable, going to a good cause and you may have yourself 3 pounds of the best coffee for that $5!

And be sure to hop over to the Blue Smoke site to figure out the coffee that you want!

Thanks for playing:)


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