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More non-servicable, throw away parts?

I was reading Guitar Ted’s blog this morning and was confounded by the post. Go over and read it first. In this day and age where everyone is looking to make their industry and products green, this looks to be a step backwards for bicycles.

And if you follow the link to the bike lab he has, you’ll see the new Chris King bottom bracket. THAT’S SERVICEABLE! Not only are you buying a product that is known to last forever, but you can fix it.

I recall being in the shop and one of the guys was overhauling a road bike. The bike had a Chris King headset in it. The bike was a huge mess, as well. When he got down to taking the headset apart, the bearings were rusted and there was NO GREASE to be found in that headset. ANYWHERE! Yet, before taking it apart, when you turned it it felt as smooth as any other brand new King headset. WOW!

Now you know why I put those on the bikes I’m building up for myself. Always.

(photo courtesy Chris King website)

Ahhh, a thing of beauty to boot!

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