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John Denver made a movie??

So last night, or maybe more technically this morning, I was wide awake with no concern for the time. I didn’t have to go to the bike shop to work until the afternoon. I think I was awake partly because I had inhaled salt water through my nose late into the night. But I digress.

I decided to then ride my trainer while watching a movie. I flipped around and landed on the Hallmark channel. I think it was just called the Christmas Movie starring John Denver. 1986? It was about a town by the Rockies being over run with condo developments. And of course John saves the day. Funny, you could substitute Rocky Mountains with Smoky Mountains.

Well this lead to an even later night/morning chat session with my friend Vesna. We ended up bouncing lines of John Denver songs back and forth.

I now understand those that say I need a life!!

In the candy delivery news, I took in some of the it that I had made to the guys at the shop. They were quite happy! And I was given some super duper wool Bellweather socks. Yay! My feets say thank you!

And lastly, my mom came home from work with a gift from one of the family friends. She put the bag on the arm of the chair I was sitting in and said “She still thinks you are 8 years old!”. Hey how else am I going to get Sponge Bob soap and a candy cane pen??

I haven’t had one of those pens since….I was 8 years old!


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