My top five holiday wish list

I thought that I’d jump in early on the bike wish list this year. And by early, I mean 6 days before the big event.

So let’s get started on this list that every warm weather rider from Tennessee that owns and mostly rides a Pugsley snow bike around would want.

10. I must agree with Fatty and include the zip ties and duct tape. Wait, that’s two items here! Who’s counting anyway? The things that can be rigged during an epic snow bike in Tennessee ride. At least for that one day every three years that it’s possible.

9. I also would love some of those Endomorph tires featured on Epic Eric’s blog. How fast can I wear those babies down on pavement? Faster than one can get to the center of a tootsie pop.

8. I’d really enjoy an Old Mountain Man rack on the front of Pugs. I could haul more crap nowhere. And it beats a fender that doesn’t actually cover the width of the tires. How about a rear one to serve as a fender? Well, maybe something else for that. Keep reading.

7. The ultimate super light, super long running headlight. For those long rides I seem to never take. Is this thing even real?

6. How about some sweet axle pegs to haul my friends on. I don’t need that Xtracycle!

5. Let’s not forget a box of baggies to cover my feet up in the frigid southern snow storms. I read a lot of the blogs by my northern pals that swear these babies are it.

4. A piano keyboard scarf from the 80’s to keep my neck warm. And make it out of cotton, please;)

3. An OR windproof hat to keep my head warm and my sinuses from killing me. Oh wait, got that.

2. Because the tires of the Pugsley don’t attract enough attention, could someone please get me some neon? I’m really not fond of getting hit or even near misses by cagers.

1. A super twinkie seat bag from Epic Designs. (Ok, it’s actually under the tree!) And it doubles as a rear fender.

So, there it is. My wish list. Some of it I really would like to have and some of it just made me laugh. Or, in the case of the scarf, made me have a seriously hideous flashback to my youth. And if anyone caught it, I somehow went from top 5 to top 10?


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