It’s a cold one.

And kind of humorous, considering where I’m from. It was a low today of about 8 degrees and a high of 25.

I had to drive into town to finish up the last of my Christmas shopping and I started paying attention to people inside of their cars. There was the usual coat and hat wearing drivers. Then, there was the gal with the coat that had a furry edged hood. And it was pulled up and tight around her face. No, the window was not down. I also saw some one driving with a peruvian type hat and scarf wrapped around the neck, mouth and nose. You would have thought the ice age was here in Tennessee!

I had my windproof jacket on and a beanie. Partway through the drive, I ended up rolling the window down, as I was overheating. I did have the hat on to protect my sinuses. They are so incredibly better, but I don’t want to risk it. I have noticed, though, that I get colder a little faster than I did up north.

On the way home, I saw the Santa and I believe it was a reindeer? Sorry it’s blurry. Camera phone.


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