Went for a short ride.

And I bundled up! Made it over to the Playground and rode around a bit. Tried some other layering out.

I had my soft shell jacket with a long sleeve Ibex wool shirt and my Spokejunkie wool ss jersey.

On the bottom half was my padded shorts and some old windfront tights I found that I still had.

The feet had a summer weight wool Darn Tough sock, my Pearl Izumi shoes and a set of toe covers.

The head had a synthetic balaclava, or as I like to say baklava, and my OR windproof hat. Oh, and a helmet, of course! If anyone has a good face covering idea, let me know.

I put on some old Lake windproof gloves to round out the outfit.

Once again, the camera phone quality!

Temperature had to be around 25 degrees?


4 Responses

  1. Face covering……for 25 degrees? Are you kidding me?

  2. I know. I’m so sad! Four years of living here must have started the blood thinning!

    Actually, once I got out there, it wasn’t as bad. I pulled it down off my face most of the time. But, i was paranoid of my sinuses. Aren’t I a weiny!?!

  3. As a reader from the sub-tropics I’ll stick up for you Marla, -4ºC does sound pretty cold.

    I rode all winter in shorts but it only got down to about 5ºC here.

  4. Thanks 🙂

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