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Monday Musings…

As it turns out, a good friend of mine and former co-worker at the bike shop, got a sweet job working for Trek Bikes as a forecaster. I asked him if he would use his forecasting skills to tell me if a fat tire bike may be in the works. Alas, the answer was no. But, I don’t think he could tell me that if he wanted to!

Tomorrow, I teach my CAP cadets some more aerospace shinanigins(sorry, can’t spell). Actually, I had them get together last time and build hot air balloons. Tomorrow night, we will see if they work. And if not, we’ll regroup and redesign until one takes off. So, of course I was outside today refining one I had been working on to make sure I can gently guide them in the right direction. If needed.

I put the word out to some of my friends on my Facebook account that I was going to start doing a Sunday night ride either in or around the ‘burg. Maybe into the Park on the roads of course! I have some interest, but most are weary of the cold. And if you thought I was a weather weiny, well guess again! There are many here that are worse than me! So, I may not have any riding buddies for awhile.

Must get some more work done for tomorrow night!


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