It’s Thursday and I did some training??

I didn’t feel the need to bounce my brain around today on gravel. So I pointed the dump truck towards the National Park with Pugsley in the back.

I stopped by the store and had lunch first. Then locked into Pugsley and away we went! Well, not very far. I was going to head up the main road and see how far I could get. It’s a really big hill. Scott, I should have called! But it was closed due to snow and ice. I really didn’t see the snow, but there was ice. Endomorph tires don’t work so well on ice.

I thought, maybe I’ll run up Little River Road to the Laurel Falls trailhead. It’s open. Okay. It was open, but I chickened out. I saw a little less of the ice, patches maybe. But what really freaks me out are the tourists. Not so much the people, but the people in their cars. The road isn’t as wide due to the snow and ice, so my fear was some yahoo getting a little close or running me off. Tourists do not drive well around here on dry pavement!

I pointed Pugs back towards town, with a detour. I went down the HQ road to the maintenance building and on the way back turned onto the little road that goes up to employee housing. I made it about half way up. Why? Other than the obvious that I am out of shape. Remember that lunch I had before? A veggie burger and, more the cause, fried okra. Yeah well, that was as far as I climbed. Back down and back to town.

Oh, and I didn’t ride the trail due to being muddy. As much as I’d love to, that whole Leave No Trace thing pops up in the back of my mind, as well as the thought of a certain Ranger popping me in the back of my head for riding it! And I really don’t want to be the knob on the bike that gives us all a bad name.

It’s supposed to be even warmer the next few days. Mabe I’ll even remember to take Pugs for the Sunday night ride through town!


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