Riding around town.

Tonight, Megan and I rode around the ‘burg a little after work. It was really a nice time. Well, there was one schmuck that yelled something out his window. And judging by his license plate, he was not being a good follower!

But I digress. It’s hard to go through the town and not stop and eat everything along the way. There’s always something wafting out of a door and into your nose. Well, in two weeks we’re targeting a funnel cake!


2 Responses

  1. I learned a long time ago to just smile and wave. Then giv’em the Johnny Cash (n!m) when they are out of eye sight. Wow, fried dough, probably good for the economy

  2. Have to love Johnny Cash! Yeah, the fried dough is good for the economy, but not much else. It’s an occasional thing ;P

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