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I thought about riding all day Monday.

But more than that,I thought about building, or rebuilding, a bike all day.

I started out late and my first real movement involved going to the local pizza joint to have lunch with my dad. I’ll ride when I get home.

Once home, I looked around and realized that my room was a mess. I still think I’m a teenager when it comes to keeping it clean! So, I started in on it. As I was cleaning I also noticed my new printer for my computer still hadn’t been hooked up. So, I hooked it up. I’ll get to riding a little later.

I went into the spare bedroom to put something away and there was the Christmas tree with the new handy bag to store it in. Well, the tree is in the bag, but it’s only moved into the kitchen. Next move, down to the shed.

The shed. That reminds me. I need to get the front end on the Xtracycle changed out. A new Surly fork, King headset (yes, it’s pink), some random threadless stem that I have lurking in a box and an extra Thomson layback (yeah, BMX was in my past) seatpost with a shim. All this to raise the front end and give me a little more room on the 15″ Paramount donor frame!

Which made me think about use, or lack thereof, of the Xtracycle. I live out in the middle of nowhere. But I don’t really want the thing to sit and collect dust. Once I get it back together (you guessed it, today was NOT the day) I think I’m going to take it to work and leave it there. We can use it for errands and some of the others can use it to commute from their homes in town. And why not make it kill two birds with one stome? Like Russ Roca did with his, put a billboard on it for the store! Maybe a little neon for rides around town after work?

All that being said, I never did ride or rebuild anything. So, am I a slacker, procrastinator or all of the above?!


3 Responses

  1. I think you are a normal human being. We all have those days….mine, at times, seem to last a year or two at a time.

  2. It seems that way at times, too. Glad you’re at least riding the trainer now:)

  3. I wondered what had happened to your Xtra and why I hadn’t seen any pictures of it lately.

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