Yep. It’s me, my fat face, Pugsley and some snow. I thought it was going to be deeper, as it is at my house. But, the road turned out to be just mud and slush. So, I rode through the fields.

It’s still coming down!

And get this! The people across the way are out riding their snow machines! I really didn’t think anyone down here even owned one!

Oh yeah, didn’t make it onto the Trans Iowa list this year. I’ll be ready for next year!


4 Responses

  1. that sucks you didn’t make the trans iowa list. a few guys i know have done it every year since it started. not sure i’d be up for 24 hours straight (or however long it takes) of gravel but who knows, i may try it some day.

  2. Well, if I was meant to be there this year, I would have. Maybe it’s a sign to get more training under my belt and get a few other things done this year.

    That’s cool you know some people that have done it. I’m waiting to see Mark get the historical TI page done. Should be interesting!

    Maybe I’ll see ya there someday!

  3. Snow = good!

  4. And it tried to shake a little more out today! It’s supposed to be colder tomorrow, so let’s hope the white stuff continues:)

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