Shinanigens down in the shed

Well I finally got down to the shed and worked on the Xtracycle.

I put the new fork on and an old stem to raise my front end. Yep, a bunch of headset spacers. I rode around awhile and it seems to be a pretty good feel.

I don’t know why the above is underlined? I also finally got to a friend’s mountain bike. Needed a bit of a tuneup. Everything is running good, but I need to go to the LBS and get some more brake wires to finish it up properly.

Next, I’m off to a new farmer’s market that I happened upon recently:) Crap, the place went out of business!


7 Responses

  1. Looking good Marla. A lot more comfortable now, I’m sure.

    I saw a blue Karate Monkey like yours this week parked outside our local swimming pool. That’s 4 Surlys I know of in Auckland now. In a city of 1,000,000 I guess that still qualifies as niche.
    It was a singlespeed commuter set up with skinny road wheels, v-brakes and a flat bar. Very cool. I’ll try to get a picture if I see it again.

  2. Hey, how many head spacers?
    Loving the Xtracycle.

  3. I love seeing other Surlys around:))

    The spacers amount to 5 10mm’s. I know, a ton. But it works!

  4. greetings — may i post a picture of your xtracycle on my blog?

    naturally will link and attribute and so forth…

    thanks in advance,

  5. Sure! Thanks:)

  6. No, thank you:)

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