Test ride with a passenger…

on the Xtracycle occurred tonight after work. And you’d think that I’d have tried it with maybe a small person? Of course not! My friend Barrett volunteered for the insanity. Keep in mind, he qualifies as a clydesdale and I for an athena. Hell, if I were a guy, I’d be a clydesdale, too! You get the picture.

So, we’re in the parking lot at work. He’s on the back and off I try to go. 200+ pounds of whippy adult makes for bad steering. It’s a bit worse than first learning to ride a tandem.

I did finally manage to make it down one side of the lot and as we were walking back, the guy across the street at the water department said ” Don’t stop! This is better than NASCAR. I’ve been waiting for the crash!”.

Well, to end on a positive, it’ll seem like a breeze just carrying cargo!


2 Responses

  1. “Don’t stop… better than NASCAR” – very funny.

    Well you know the upper limits now. Stick to the bags of potatoes and Chihuahuas and get a photo next time ;^)

  2. I thought for a split second about a photo, but the swaying was too much for one hand!!

    How much does a chihuahua weigh? 10 pounds? I’ll have to tell my friend he’s like riding with 20 chihuahuas!!

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