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Bogged down.

But still around. As the Colonel says, I am burning the wick from both ends right now.

With CAP, I’m trying to play catch up with my job as Safety Officer. Did a bunch of it today. Next Monday(day off) I have a meeting with the Wing(Tennessee) Public Affairs Officer to get myself squared away on that side. Yes, PAO for my squadron is also a job. I would say that I have nothing to really do as Aerospace Officer, since I can mostly shoot from the hip on the teaching part. However, I am supposed to be moving ahead with that as well, as far as my training. Ha! Not happening. And they keep talking about Emergency Services (search and rescue) training, like I can just go do that!

Well, most of us at my squadron have several jobs within it. However, some have the time outside of CAP to do this stuff. But enough about that. Had to get it off my shoulders. And yes, it has me thinking again.

So, in other areas. I will begin working with a different chocolate concoction, if the Big Brown Present truck(UPS) arrives. I’ll tell you and show you more about that later.

The weather turned cold (I know, I know!) and actually snowed yesterday. Sevier County schools were closed today. Bicycle, what’s that? I am living vicariously through the blogs of others. And now that the Idita Trail Sport is on, well, I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

It is now later. The UPS man showed up and I went to work in the kitchen. The main ingredient I was looking for was the one in the middle. The raw cacao butter from Sunfoods. Yes, raw chocolate. I’ve made the first bit and can say it was a success. One thing different from the other chocolate stuff, is that the raw form doesn’t have all the crap in it, so you have to keep it cold or it melts in no time. I have two more sets in the freezer that I’ll take out tomorrow and see if it keeps a bit longer.



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