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Temps in the 70’s. Outside. On the Monkey!

TENNessee, that’s right, does have a flat area. And it’s around my house!

The lovely vacation spot at the end of the road by the lake. They say Pigeon Forge is a blue collar vacation hotspot. What the hell is this?

Road back home with a sun setting.

My big fat knee!

Back into the hood. Cows behind the houses in the pasture.

More cows.

A nice bottle of high quality H2O!

3 Responses

  1. I still can’t do these Fahrenheit conversions in my head, I have to use the computer every time.
    70ºF? Thats in the 20’s in metric countries. Wasn’t there just snow on the ground?

    Looks like a nice day for a ride.

  2. Mama says,”cows are the debil”

  3. Antoine-Yep, snow was just on the ground. Welcome to the mountains of East Tennessee! Where one day it’s 70 and sunny, the next it’s 20 and snow!

    sharpE-Especially when you find them in your yard! Though, they can be a little funny when they chase the neighbor!

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