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Thoughts on butts and other things.

Butts? If you didn’t read the last post, this sounds kind of dirty. I mean, I do like to look at butts. Especially in tight bike shorts. Not all butts. My butt in bike shorts is offensive! If you have a butt like mine, please cover it. Thank you. If you have a nice butt, please ride right in front of me:)

Oh yeah, so I was talking about cigarette butts. Like the over 100 that I picked up yesterday in the Park. Why do you people throw them on the ground? Especially when there is a trash can right there? And in a National Park? I’m guessing Hooty the Owl and Smoky the Bear didn’t get through to you?! Those things take forever and a day to decompose. Boo!

Cell Phones: As I was picking up said butts, a couple walks up to the sign to take the usual “We went to the Great Smoky Mountains and stopped by this sign to take a picture” picture. Unfortunately, this is abut 80% of our 9 million visitor’s time spent in our Park. So the gal was talking, rather loudly, all the way up to the sign. During the photo. And all the way back to the car. “Look everyone, I have a picture of me at the Smokies sign talking on my cell phone?!” Why bother?

Strangely, I ‘ve also seen many visitors hooked to their cell phones hiking the trails. It’s not one of those calls telling someone that they’ve made it to this incredibly awesome place. It’s the “I’m working” or “I’m so incredibly bored that I have to talk on the phone”. Dear God, heavens forbid that a person might actually enjoy the outdoors! A note to those people, I’m out there because I LOVE my Park. I don’t want to hear your cell phone call.

Motorcycles: I want to get one thing straight from the beginning. I am a motorcyclist. Or was. The ol’ Honda didn’t make the trip down! But, I learned to ride a motorcycle BEFORE a bicycle. Yes, I’ve ridden one for that long. My problem is with those that seem to think that we all want to hear just how loud them thar pipes can be. Umm…yes, many of us are out there for the peace and quiet of nature. I want to hear the birds, the water, you know. There is a place outside the Park that most of the motorcyclists go to be, well, you know. It called the Dragon. Please go find it. Or at least be thoughtful of those in our Parks wanting to get away from that. You don’t want to hear my idea that I told the Ranger I work for to solve the problem;)

I’ve been talking to many people about our town. Gatlinburg. Working at the hiking store, I have the benefit of getting the opinion of mostly those individuals who enjoy the National Park. They are here to hike, or take photographs, go on a backcountry trip, and the like. They all see that this town should be a gateway community to the Smokies. Little things like taking pride in the way it looks, picking up litter, quiet, arts and crafts.

And we are right next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I don’t know if any of you out there live next to a NP, or have visited one lately. But, I think having a community that seems to flow into the Park in both looks and mindset makes a lot of sense. I mean, I’m thinking going from Little Las Vegas to the woods is kind of a culture shock. For both types. And that may be part of the problem?

Thanks for enduring:)


3 Responses

  1. Yeap, agreed. To many butts laying around.

  2. I commend you for taking “ownership” of “your” park, I think that does not happen enough in our disposable world. As for the cell phone people, it is a shame that they are oblivious to my favorite John Lennon quote…”Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” if they only knew what they were missing.

  3. Great quote:)

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