4 hour ride.

So, this morning I was a little ticked off. A group I am involved in was having a pow wow and it turned into a sucker punch fest. I believe I’m over that crap. Anyway, it motivated me to get out on Pugsley and go for a ride. You see Pugs at the Douglas Dam, which is where I intended to turn around. I was feeling so good, that I continued on. A little 10 mile ride turned into a 30+ ride. I did stop to have lunch, but was on the bike the rest of the time. And it was nice.

I did have two people stop me to ask about Pugs and the tires.


5 Responses

  1. Nice picture Marla. I sure like that grey paint on the newer frames and your pink accents really set it off.

    Do those Ergon grips work well with all the sweep of a Jones bar?

  2. I think the Ergons work really well. They’re in just the right place to give my palms a relief when I need to move my hands around.

    I had it in my mind that I’d get a purple one like you guys have. I was happy to see a neutral color show up so when I’m sick of a color, I can change it!

  3. Yeah no kidding what is up with those things? How the heck to they even fit in the frame? Crazy stuff man!

    • The tires fit because the Pugsley frame is specifically made for them. The fork is offset on the right, if you’re on the bike, to put a rear wheel on it. Check out the Surly website:)

  4. […] looking at the original post from that day of riding, I noticed that I didn’t even mention the […]

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