Xtracycle is getting a facelift!

I’ve realized that the Paramount is still too short from the seat to handlebars. I’ve tried everything to lengthen it but it’s still not enough. So, I started the transformation/mating of the Karate Monkey to the Xtracycle. Ran into a couple of snags. Nothing a few small parts won’t remedy.

Why the Karate Monkey? Because I am very comfortable on it for longer rides. And I don’t use it enough to warrant it just hanging around. I do use the Xtra at minimum of once a week, and plan on more usage. So, comfy bike plus the Xtra sounds like a dream come true!

So, the Pugs is my pootling ( Rob, I hope I used that word right, I like it) bike and the KM/Xtra is my cargo/garbagacycle/traveling bike. I still have my Fuel full suspension MTB, if I ever get out to the trails!


7 Responses

  1. I’m a big fan of pootling about.

  2. it’s raining cats and dogs, here… I almost stepped in a pootle.

    Happy pootling and xtraing andmonkeying and…

  3. Who knew pootling was so happening!

  4. What are you people talking about?

  5. You know, get out on your bike and pootle about:))

  6. Use of the word “Pootling” is deemed exactly right.
    Enjoy your next pootle.

  7. I will:)

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