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Xtracycle conversion continued.

I received the few parts I needed from Xtracycle today. Went down to the shed to continue the build and realized that I will have to get some smaller tires, after all. So, I have some Michelin Pilots on the way from Speedgoat. I also looked at my truck tires and have realized that it’s almost time for new tires on it. Ugh! It’s amazing that I am willing to spend the same amount one tires for a bike and not wince, but that same priced tire on a vehicle makes me sick!

I am still looking at the adaptors for the 700c conversion of the freeradical and am a little confused. There aren’t any instructions, but I think I may have an idea…

On my way back up, I stopped to get rid of a root to a weed that was about 1 inch in diameter and pulled my back again. It was well one it’s way to healing. I have a little over a week for it to heal, as I have a backpacking trip scheduled:) I also have the whole week off from work. It’s my mental margarita week. The “if I don’t take some time off from people in a retail setting soon, someone’s in trouble” type of week.

Not working at the bike shop for the next two weeks. Pobably a good thing with my back. So, if all things go well, I may have an update on Thursday with the Xtracycle. And I might not;)


2 Responses

  1. When my bike guru was trying to figure out waht went where, he called the folks at Xtracycle and Laughter Medicine got him going the right direction.

  2. Thanks, I may have to do that Thursday:))

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