Just for you, Antoine!

As you can guess, it’s dark outside. So I’m inside my shed. But here’s a pic of the new XtraMonkey. You can see most of the Paramount parked in the background. I’ll bring the XtraMonkey outside in the daylight for a proper pic once I get the front tire repaired.

And check out the next project. Rick at the LBS gave me a good chunk of an old Balance mountain bike. A few bits, rigid fork and it’ll be rolling. Had a brief thought about doing another singlespeed, but we all know that I really need gears. So, once done I’ll try to find a good home to a needy friend. How else can I get them to go riding with me?

I’m going to sleep…


4 Responses

  1. Lookn' good.

  2. WoW, that bike shall rule. You go girl

  3. […] Posted on April 28, 2010 by Marla Gnarla-the gatlinburg spokejunkie If anyone remembers the post about getting a beat up Balance mountain bike, well, I got some new (to me) bar ends that will fit in with the retro 3D violet […]

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