So close…

I can taste it!

Went down today to complete the Xtracycle/Karate Monkey build and realized that I didn’t have any tubes to fit the 700 x 35 commuting tires I had bought for it. And it was time for lunch anyway. So, I locked up and headed to town.

I ducked into the shop quick and picked up 3 tubes. Figuring that I’d either bust one or at least have a spare to carry on the bike. You know if I only picked up 2 that I’d need the third, but if I bought three I’d be fine.

So, I get home and continue. I finally get to the last thing, which is putting the new tire and tube on the front. Guess what? I bought one tube correctly and the other two were the wrong valve! And my rims are not ones that I’m willing to drill out for schrader valves.

So, Monday I’ll be back at the shop exchanging tubes! And you can bet rain or shine that I’m going to ride it!!

And a bonus….I was cleaning my shop area in the shed and rearranging stuff when I found a Tirefly light for my front wheel. Wheee!!!


2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to actually "seeing" this mythical XtraMonkey.

  2. Ha!

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