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The Xtracycle is complete, again for the first time!

With a thanks to my friend Taylor for that line!

Well, this has been quite the build! I was out riding the “old Xtracycle/Paramount” one day and had an epiphany. WHY DON’T YOU JUST HOOK THE KARATE MONKEY UP TO THIS INSTEAD OF CONTINUING TO PURCHASE PARTS TO MAKE THIS INCREDIBLY SMALL FRAME WORK FOR YOU. I didn’t listen.

So, after purchasing a couple more parts, I said the same thing again. This was after riding and realizing that, yes, it was indeed an incredibly super small frame. The gerbil wheel in my head started turning.

Looking at the instructions and going to the Xtracycle website a few billion times, I deduced that I am, just as I thought, much smarter than those who designed the thing.

I am not.

The rebuild accelerated to the point of attaching the bolt and the front attachment plate. And then it came to a screaming halt. The Paramount had a cross section, so it worked like a charm. The Monkey does not. I need another attachment plate. And while I was at it, I got a set of risers for the snapdeck and a larger disc for the rear brake. Delayed!

When those parts came in, I went to work. The rear end was attached, now for the rear wheel. I had, after all, solved my 29″ problem with the risers, right? The tire of choice I was using was the Maxxis Ignitor 29. Shove, shove, shove. Those guys at Xtracycle can’t really be right in that I have to get a smaller tire? Shove, shove, shove. Crap!

So now I own some 700 x 35 tires. Michelin somethings. With a little reflective sidewall! I did have to deflate the tire to get it on the rear and I have JUST ENOUGH space. Well.

Now that that delay is history, I got on with the build. The next subject would be the risers. I even asked a couple of Xtracycle riders how the heck they worked. Being the super, no, uber bicycle mechanic that I seem to be these days I was stumped. Yes, I even took my snapdeck off, peeled the cushion I had glued on off, and undid the attachments. Have you ever watched someone try to put a square object into a round hole? You get the picture.

Another epiphany! Take your freeloaders off and pound those puppies into the end. Then unthread to give you the desired height. To which I did, with much colorful language and throwing of tools.

So, after hooking everything back up and making sure all 9 gears and both brakes worked properly, it was time to change the front tire out. Did I mention that I had gone to my LBS to pick up tubes for this? Three tubes, just in case. Well, some of you know that two of these tubes were the WRONG VALVE! By this time, it was past closing for the shop. I would have to wait for my next day off! But, what the hell, I’ll cram one of my 29″ tubes in. Umm…no I won’t! Okay, I can put one of my 700 x 18-25 tubes in. Yeah, so those are super easy to pop when you pump them up. Let alone getting them on without pinching.

I know, you’re saying, “Give it up, Marla!”. Okay.

So, today I stopped in today at my LBS and swapped tubes. My XtraMonkey is complete. I took it for a spin and amazingly nothing fell apart and everything worked!

Now onto Project Balance.

6 Responses

  1. Very cool Xtra…nice to see it done. (I always thought that last frame was a wee bit small)

  2. No more waving the flag off the seatpost for me!

  3. Nice write-up Marla, very funny. The XtraMonkey looks amazing and I covet your BIKE NERD sticker (might have to make one at work).

    Oh, and about that Xtracycle conversion you were going to do for me. Don't call me , I'll call you ;^)

  4. Alright, that's a pretty sweet ride! Nice work Marla! Well written post as well. Looking forward to the next project.

  5. Antoine-Please let me screw up you bike!

    Craigers-Thanks. I have fun building stuff:)

  6. Great job Marla. Now you get to enjoy it (then again maybe working on it is half the fun!).

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