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The Monkey held together for the Garbagacycle run!


This week I finally transported the XtraMonkey back to the store. It was more of a “I’ve finally gotten the backroom cleaned up at  the store, so the XtraMonkey will fit” ! And it helps that I can get to stuff in our backroom again.

This version has the clipless pedals on it. And it was a struggle, at first, to remember this. I tend to pull off the road really quick when I see some trash in order to not get clipped by a car. But I was thankfully able to get into the habit again!

What did I pick up this time, you ask? Not as many bottles and cans. A lot of cigarette butts. And mainly just small bits of paper and wrappers. My bonus find was a hubcap. I did manage to fill up one bin. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a lot more. I hadn’t been out for a few weeks and Memorial Day weekend was during that time. Not to mention special events going on in the Park for our 75th anniversary.

And yes, I’m way more comfortable with the Monkey bit:)


5 Responses

  1. Sweet ride, have you thought about putting some of those cool ape hanger handlebars on it? Thanks for the link, I’ll have you back up soon. Hope you’re having a great summer!

  2. Good things to you Marla for taking the time to go around and pick up rubbish. Wish more folks did stuff like this. Thank You.

  3. Hi Marla

    I haven’t stopped in for a while because the “feed” doesn’t work in Blogger for “http://gnarlees.com/” so your new posts don’t come up in my Blogger:Dashboard.

    Also, I can’t see a decent size picture when I click on your photos? Is this a preference you can change or are you only posting little photos now?

    All the best from NZ,
    – Antoine

  4. you can use gnarlees.wordpress.com for the feed.

    I’ll have to figure out the pic problem:))

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