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Activities of the week.

Sunday evening at Greenbrier was a hoot. It’s just a little 8 mile round trip, but it’s uphill the whole way out. Kind of deceiving because it seems that the hills have flat spots in between. They still go up, but not as much. We watched a bear cross the road:) Needless to say, an hour trip up was followed by a 15 minute trip back. What fun!!! I hope to shoot a video of the way back next week.

So Scott, how about that!! We didn’t even stop at the picnic area!

This past week was a good one. Saw the new Harry Potter movie. It’s a good movie, but read the book. Also had a picnic, hike and swim with a friend. One the hike, we explored some of the little “trails” off the road. Looking for swimming holes. And on the way put of the Park stopped at one and jumped in. Man, that water is cold! It literally took my breathe away!



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