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Umm..ick. Maybe?


WARNING!!! I reserve the right to be a little gross today. You have been warned, so there is still time to turn back. NOW!

Obviously, I rode out to Douglas Dam today. It’s a little 12 mile round trip. But, for me today, well, it was quite the effort! Why? Here’s the ick part. I’m right in the middle of a mild colon cleanse. Say no more! Anyway, it has left me a with a little less energy. The 12 miles was tough on me. It’s actually why I didn’t ride yesterday, as I was sapped from the ride on Sunday night. Anywho…

I stopped at a nice little bench at the Dam and ate A Boomi Pumpkin Seed Bar. It was pretty good! Then, because there were some people hanging around, I moved over to the end of the trees and propped the Fuel up. To which I proceeded to zonk out. There was a nice llittle breeze.

A little later a small airplane flew over practicing manuevers above. It made me remember all the time I had spent doing that very same thing. I think I enjoyeed doing that stuff way more than actually going somewhere.

Welp, tomorrow may bring another short ride followed by going over to Knoxville to see my friend rock out. Yes, I have a few days off this week:)

Drink some good water!


2 Responses

  1. Whew! After reading the colon cleanse part, I thought this tale was going in a different direction than it did (hehehe).

    • Yeah, decided not to go too in depth after all. I’m sure most can figure out what’s happening with that:)

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