Dirty Pugsley


I resolved tonight to clean the Pugs. He has several layers of dirt. (And forgive me if a random r is missing, I just glued the key back on!)


And I’d like to say that the last two Sunday night gravel rides at the Greenbrier area of the Smokies was heinously dirty and dusty.


But, seeing as the last two weeks were a bust fo the ride, I have to fess up. The dirt was from three weeks ago and looks worse due to driving home tonight in pouring rain! Why didn’t I ride these two weeks? A pub run to see some friends off to a new state last week and the said pouring rain that caused a flood watch and thunder tonight.

Sad, I know!

And in other news. I am planning on trying again to get into the Trans Iowa at the end of April. Any tips on training would be appreciated throughout the next few months.

I have a place to actually practice on gravel, Greenbrier. But because I need to keep track of the laps, I’m going to be in need of a device to do this for me. I have the ability to completely space out and forget to count the laps. So, do I get a bike computer, a bike mounted GPS or an abacus? Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!


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