Why my feet don’t hurt so much or smell like roses.

Part of the work I do involves fitting people into hiking boots. And in the four plus years I’ve been doing this, I have learned a bit about comfort.

You see, the one place all boot companies skimp is in the insole. When you pull it out, and you can, you find basically a piece of foam.Not much support or cushioning. So, as most quality outdoor stores do, we sell insoles to replace these.

Some questions:

Why buy new insoles when they’re already new in the boot? I just told you, see above.

Your’s are too expensive. I can get cheaper ones elsewhere. You can. And that is just what they are, cheaper. Note I didn’t say less expensive. And here’s why:

  • Since working with a local pedorthist, we’ve found that most insoles do not support the arch at the correct area. The highest point on your arch and the highest point on the support do not match up. So, now we’re all hearing about plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. This is a main cause. Also contributing to this issue is the fact that most places selling footwear do not measure the foot (overall and especially arch) anymore. So, you stuff your foot into a shoe and if it fits, you’re done. Wrong!

The insoles I am using provide the correct arch support. And, they also have a teardrop of cushining in the heel. Not to mention a superb heel cup that takes a lot of the play out.

These insoles you talk of are hard. Not cushy like a lot of others. Well, the first thing you need is correct support. You then also need support that doesn’t mash down. Cork does these things well. If a material mashes down, and I’ve tried this, your foot gets tired after a couple of hours. I have stood on a hard floor at work for the last 15 years of my life. And I do have heel spurs in one foot. By wearing the insoles that I do now, 8+ hours a day of standing is bearable.

I’m not saying this is the remedy for anyone. I am saying when you go to buy footwear to make sure you go to someone who will actually figure out you foot and arch size, width and shape. And if you have foot problems, see a professional. We only have two feet to start with!

So, where was I going with all of this? Certainly not to harp about insoles. But to tell you of a discovery that I have made about insoles.

Insoles also fit into cycling shoes!

See, told you before, I am not a genius…well.


Look ma! It fits! (Please take out any removable old insole previously placed in shoe)


The Down Unders green insole. Used more for hiking, I found that it works well for cycling. Especially since I have to get off the bike and walk at times. Who knew?

As for my foot odor? Well, I guess I need to change my socks more often!


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