I AM a raging Space Geek!

Oh, yes. I had forgotten the delight of gathering with my fellow Space Geeks to watch a shuttle launch. The only difference now is that it’s all online.

When I first started school at Purdue University my major for two years was engineering. Aero/astro to be exact. As some of you know, because I do better at hands on stuff, I transferred into Aviation Technology. I turned wrenches on airplanes and flew them.

I had always wanted to be an astronaut. However the powers that be, and not perfect health, changed that. But, I have rediscovered the space race in a website called Spacevidcast. If perchance you should find yourself on there and switch over to the chat room, you can find me as oclvpilot.

Must go to work! I’m outta here…


One Response

  1. Whoa Gnarlee. Who’d have thunk? And all I am really interested in are bikes and cycling in general…

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