Was reading Fatty’s post today…

and it reminded me of why I use the Gu flask for my gel eating pleasure.

gu flaks

I’ve been a big fan of energy gels for some time now. On some of the longer exploring rides that I used to do with Vicki, these little bursts of energy would manage to keep my fat butt from completely shutting down on the side of the road/trail.

Sometimes, I’d eat the vanilla ones at the shop like a little pudding dessert. Is that wrong?

But, one problem I have always had was killing the corners of my mouth. For some reason, I seem to be that one person, every time that I would eat one , I managed to ever so slightly cut the corners of my mouth. Not enough to make them bleed, but enough to make me curse a wee bit. I know.

So, fast forward a bit. Gu came out with the gel flask. My day was saved!! Not to mention my mouth. It’s a little extra work dumping the gel into the flask from little packets and then cleaning them up. I was buying the bottle of Honey Stinger gel, which I REALLY LOVE, but they discontinued them. I did manage to snake a case of their chocolate flavor…so I’m good for a bit.

Thanks to Fatty’s post today for making me conjure up the memory!

Check in tomorrow, because the hamster in my brain is rattling with another post.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for reminding me about GU energy gels. I recently had my first taste of GU during a ride I did a couple weeks ago. Kicks the …youknowwhat…out of other energy gels I’ve tried. I’ve always like the effects of the gel, but hated the taste. If the GU vanilla was the one you were eating like pudding, I can’t say as I’d blame you. Oh yeah, thanks for the tip on the gel flask, very cool item.

    • You’re welcome. Yep, the Gu vanilla was it. And they used to have a Just Plain, which was a hint of vanilla, that was pretty good!

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