The hamster wheel is rolling…

so I’ll post about it.

I’ve been slowly building up bicycles that I’ve had lying around or gotten from the shop I work at, Shifting Gears, for some friends around here. I usually buy what I need to finish them up. So, I can only do it so often. What I want to do is continue fixing up bikes or building up partials to give out to people around the area. With the way the economy is, well, it’d help. I know  a lot of the planet is in this situation.

So, if you’ve got some working junk lying around that you no idea what to do with, feel free to send it this way! And by junk, I mean workable spare parts/frames…you know. Drop me an email (find it on another page of this blog) and I’ll get you a mailing address.

And, if any company has blemishes, one offs, etc. why not send them?

Here’s hoping and thanks…


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