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Everyone…sit down. I rode my bike today!

After taking September off from many things, including riding, I am back to it. My normal Garbagacycle ride through the Park.Sorry, no interesting items found along the side of the road. Just a bunch of beer cans.

And let me say…forgetting one’s bike clothing is not such a good idea. I took my bike bag out of the dumptruck while it was getting fixed. It’s still sitting by Pugsley in the garage.

So, riding clipless Time pedals with old school sneakers…slightly wet old school sneakers…made for an awesome ride!! Imagine sitting on a bike seat with most of your weight there because your feet can’t keep traction on the pedals.

Did I mention that I forgot my padded bike shorts?? Did I mention I ended the ride with a huge wedgie?? I was still trying to pull it out halfway home!

That reminds me, I need to do some laundry.

THIS JUST IN: After removing my shoes and getting my Bellwether socks ready to put into the laundry, I have discovered a nice hole where my middle toe goes. Is this some kind of subliminal message?!


4 Responses

  1. I just put flats on the Pug so I can just jump-on and go. Good to see you back out there but I’m still trying to erase that wedgie mental-picture.

  2. LOL Marla. That will teach you!

    And good to hear that you are back to riding!

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