They let me use tools again!

Yes, my friends, Thursday was my first day back at the bike shop. The kids have gone back to school or joined the Air Force, so I am the part time fill in.

And what did the day bring?? Multitudes of mayhem? Well…maybe not so much. I built a few bikes, caught up on the latest bike poop and oogled a few of them bikes;)

Oh, and I may have dropped one.

Yeah, I was putting a pedal on with the wrench and all of a sudden..Wham! Dropped the bugger right out of the stand! Well, what really happened was that I apparently hadn’t gotten the seatpost quick release completely tight. And when I put the pressure on the wrench…drop!

It was weird, though. I kept hold of the wrench and kind of guided the bike down to the floor and kept it from falling over. Less costly bonus.

And…we now have a cable modem and TV in the shop. Background noise;)

Why A Rear Fender Is A Good Idea For Running Errands

Thursday night was vegetable soup night. I was sitting there smelling so called soup and thinking “My, wouldn’t some nice crackers go well with vegetable soup?”. We did not have any crackers. (Picture me with sad face).

But…I remembered that there just happened to be a convenience store down the road. They always have a small, yet highly priced, box of crackers. So, I grabbed some cash and hopped on Pugsley for a mad dash.

It was raining outside.

Front fender..check. Rear fender…why is my butt all wet? Sadly, I had taken my Epic Designs Super Twinkie off over the summer (which doubles as a fender of sorts) and had not yet put it back on. You get the picture.

The people at the store gave me weird looks. Hmm..


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