Scary Tales from the Trail!

I will dredge up yet another archived story of biking and the like from my antiquated brain…

This would be another year of our bike club’s Velo Terra Offroad Challenge at the local park in town. So, Jim and I started to scout out a route (hey, that rhymes) for the race. There are a lot of trails in this very small piece of land. And many talented bikers have managed to get what was a race of maybe two miles per loop into six or more. And this particular year had seen some of the trail erode a bit more than usual.

We came upon an unused stretch alongside the swampy pond. It added only a slight bit more trail, but was completely dry and in good condition. However, the shrubery had decided to overtake it.We planned to come back another day just to open it up.

Let us skip to a few weeks later. Cutting back branches, and opening up the trail took us several hours to get through. But the bonus was that we were the first to ride that section in years!


Oh, the evil face branch!

One thing you learn over time maintaining trails is the fact that walking a trail puts your face a bit lower than if you were riding your bike through the same area.

And, of course, we left the tools in the car. The face branches would have to wait for another day.

Where’s the scary bit???? Well, hold on!! Jeez…

On my day off, and without Jim, I went out to take care of the branches. I got back to the area and started walking the trail. I got to the first area that needed some trimming and noticed someone was also on this part of trail behind me.

I looked back.

He stopped and looked the other way.

I continued on to the next stash of branches and cut some more. And looked back.

He was about the same distance behind me and went through the same rigamaroll.

Umm…yes. I am a little unnerved at this.

I continued onto the next spot, with my ears open. And I could hear him walking behind again. Unknown to him, as he couldn’t see what I was using to cut the branches, I had a saw that looked a lot like a serrated machete. So, instead of going to grab a branch to cut, I whipped around with my saw raised and started at the guy yelling and screaming!

I’ve never seen a guy make a run for it so fast!

I did make mention to my dad, who was a city police officer, about this guy. And for once I was glad to be a bigger gal. Big woman, with machete, yelling and screaming makes for one scared lurking guy.

Don’t try this at home, people. I tend to lack common sense at times and was lucky. Being in the woods alone is not always the best option.

And for a completely different subject

Has anyone ever used Straightline platform pedals? They look well made (at least online) but a bit pricey. I’d like to hear if anyone has ever used them before plunking down the money. Initially, they’re going on the XtraMonkey. I need to go back to platforms for all the on and off for trash detail each week. And they come in PINK!!


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  1. Another great story Marla! I would’ve loved to see the look on that dudes face. I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue like that one, but I guess a 6′-4″, 250# guy coming at you like a freight train on a bike is scary enough. Good stuff.

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